Basic Information on Type 2 Diabetes and Symptoms in Children


d9ifdsa1hia-danielle-macinnesType 2 diabetes diabetes symptoms in children is a serious condition that should be avoided at all costs. Not to be confused with type 1 diabetes, which is generally genetic and not caused by external factors, type 2 diabetes arises in childhood due to factors such as obesity or over-consumption of sugar. If your child is overweight and you suspect they are at risk for developing diabetes, reading on can help you manage their symptoms and ultimately reverse the condition. Type 2 diabetes should be treated immediately as far as it is concerned, as potential risks include kidney failure and loss of sight, both of which are devastating for a child’s health.


Obesity in Children

Childhood obesity is a modern problem that has increased in prevalence during recent years. It is a condition defined by an overweight child whose weight negatively impacts their health and lifestyle. Generally, a diagnosis of obesity is based on a BMI measurement. As well as type 2 diabetes, obesity in childhood can lead to a range of other health issues including problems with circulation and hormonal imbalances. Obesity is the single largest risk factor for type 2 diabetes as htese are most important ever.

Symptoms of Type 2 Diabetes in Children

If you are worried about type 2 diabetes in obese children, there are several symptoms which can indicate the condition. The first symptom of type 2 diabetes in children that you may see is an increase in thirst and urination, which relate to the body’s inefficient processing of sugar. Children may also develop patches of dark skin, which are signs of insulin resistance. Blurry vision and persistent hunger are other symptoms your obese child may experience, and can cause issues with concentration at school. Children with any of these symptoms should be taken to and assessed by a trained medical professional.


Reversing Type 2 Diabetes in Children

Type 2 diabetes symptoms in children can be reversed, especially in children who have only had the condition for a short period of time. To reverse the condition, major lifestyle changes are required. Regular exercise is the first step of reversal, as this will allow obese children to lose weight. Finding a sport or hobby that they enjoy doing is the key to making this first step an easy transition. Moving every day and limiting calorie consumption is the key to reversing your child’s type 2 diabetes.


Helping Your Child Stay Healthy

diabetes-guide12Lifestyle changes that reverse diabetes need to be permanent, or your child is at risk of developing the condition again. Ensuring that they enjoy exercise and grow up with a healthy relationship to food is a way to prevent the condition from arising again. Diet plans are another useful tool, and can help the entire family stay on track for consuming slow-burning, low calorie foods.


Where to Find Help

Consult with your medical professional immediately if you suspect your child has type 2 diabetes. This is a serious condition that requires expert advice to overcome, and can have a severe impact if left untreated for long periods of time as this is what should be expected.


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