The Healthiest Diet Plan or Food List for Diabetics

diabetes-guide1Food really matters a lot when it comes to diabetes. A little bit of mistake in food selection can cost a diabetic patient his health. Therefore, we’ve come up with the best diabetic foods list; type 2 diabetic food list, and type 2 diabetes food guide; for diabetic patients who can enjoy tasty and healthy food in spite of the diabetic condition.

Best Diabetic Foods List

The best diabetes foods list includes starches, vegetables, fruits, proteins, milk, and drinks. Starches provide essential carbohydrates. The best starches can be found in whole grains like brown rice, oatmeal, millet, etc; and baked sweet potatoes.   Vegetables and fruits provide fiber. Eat vegetables raw, steamed, or grilled, etc. When going for canned veggies make sure that they contain low sodium and no salt, and when buying canned fruits make sure they are either sugar-free or contain low levels of sugar.   Go heavy on protein-rich foods like beans, nuts, tofu, fish, chicken, eggs and low-fat dairy products. When consuming meat, make sure to skin off the poultry material. Do not consume fried meats, ribs, pork bacon, cheese, beans made with lard, etc.   Keep dairy consumption to low-fat always and consume it only rarely. If you’d like to drink something fancy, then drink black coffee, light beer, unsweetened tea with lemon, and flavored water. Make a list of your healthy diabetic foods using the list given above.  diabetes-guide14

Type 2 Diabetic Food List

Some of the most common symptoms of Type 2 Diabetes are: frequent urination; high blood sugar; fatigue; dizziness; headaches; mood changes; etc. The diet for Type 2 Diabetic patients comprises of foods that eliminate and prevent these symptoms from occurring. The most important point to consider is that Type 2 Diabetic patients should monitor their intake levels of carbohydrates.   Carbohydrates tremendously affect the blood sugar levels; therefore their intake quantity must be controlled. Carbohydrates are mainly found in grains, pasta, bread, dairy products, fruit and starchy vegetables. These foods quickly get broken down into glucose which becomes the primal cause of rising blood sugar levels.   A healthy plate for Type 2 Diabetic patients would ideally include fifty percent non-starchy vegetables with the rest being whole grains, nuts, seeds, lean protein, low-fat dairy, fresh fruits, healthy fats, etc.

Type 2 Diabetes Food Guide

To make easier meal plans comprising of a wide variety of choices of healthy and tasty foods for Type 2 Diabetic patients, please consider:

  1. Foods from all groups
  2. Low calories
  3. Restricted and equal amounts of carbohydrates for all meals
  4. Healthy fats

diabetes-guide6Talk to your doctor or nutritionist about your food choices. Let them guide you into making a perfectly healthy diet plan. If you choose to drink alcohol or feel the need to eats sweets, then a consultation with the doctor is a must.   The following guide can be used while deciding on an everyday Type 2 Diabetic Menu:

  1. Vegetables (2–3 cups)
  2. Fruits (1–2 cups)
  3. Grains (3–4 oz)
  4. Protein Rich Foods (5–6 oz)
  5. Dairy Products (3 cups)
  6. Oils or Healthy Fats (up to only 7 tsp)

Final Thoughts

It is possible to eliminate all Type 2 Diabetic symptoms just by altering diet and lifestyle a little bit. Diet plays a major role because diabetes is dependent on fluctuating blood sugar levels, which are in turn dependent on diet. So, a healthy meal plan that is carefully thought of and duly discussed with a doctor or nutritionist, who can help you in making the healthiest meal plan that suits your body.

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