Relationship between Your Weight and Diabetes


diabetes-guide8In order to understand does obesity cause diabetes type 2 you will have to first of all understand the causes of diabetes. In fact diabetes is caused due to a number of disorders in your body like chronic high level of glucose in blood caused by insufficient production of insulin in the body to regulate it. This inability to produce sufficient amount of insulin can cause two types of diabetes among children as well as adults- Type 1 and Type 2. Type 1 diabetes is caused due to non-production of insulin by your body whereas Type 2 diabetes is caused due to inability of the body to react to the insulin produced by it i.e. your body becomes resistant to insulin. Nearly 90% of diabetic people have Type2 diabetes. Earlier it was diagnosed over 40 years of age but it is found in children and adolescents of all age groups due to changes in lifestyle and eating habits.

How obesity causes diabetes type 2?

Diabetes Type 2 can be caused due to various risk factors including race, age, stress, genetics, medication, pregnancy, high cholesterol and family history but today obesity is considered as one of its main reasons. Today nearly 90% patients of diabetes type2 suffer from overweight problem. Main reason of this increasing number is the pressure of obesity on the ability of their body to control their high blood sugar levels by using the insulin properly. It increases their tendency to be type 2 diabetic. Thus obesity causes diabetes type 2 all over the world due to increasing number of obese people.

How to prevent diabetes?

According to various studies type2 diabetes can be prevented among adults at high risk by losing their weight to some extent and changing lifestyle. Lifestyle can be changed by involving into moderate to intense physical activities along with changing your diet. All these activities can collectively help you in losing your weight to some extent as well as reduce the chances of development of diabetes in your body. So if you are overweight then even small amount of weight loss can improve the chances of preventing the chances to ask questions like does obesity cause diabetes type 2 in future?

What to do if you already have diabetes?

diabetes-guide9If you know that obesity causes diabetes type 2 then you can exercise regularly and choose your food wisely, make modest changes in your lifestyle, reduce your stress level and use medicines to lower your levels of blood sugar. People with type 2 diabetes should sensitize their body to insulin by using insulin drugs to lower their blood sugar levels whereas people with type1 diabetes should have externally originated insulin maintain healthy levels of their blood glucose. But these drugs should be taken properly to get the best results as they also have certain side effects like unconsciousness, seizures and even death in some cases.

So after knowing the answer of does obesity cause diabetes type 2 you should try to lose some amount of your weight by changing your lifestyle to keep your blood sugar levels low without using or reducing the use of medication and remain healthy for long.


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