charredHi my name is Charred Rivera and I am an IT by profession, a certified Chef which means I’m a food lover and a health and fitness gym owner. With those career and profession I need to indicate that I am a blogger, web developer and designer. With all my experienced and researches I came up with the idea of creating a team to make my vocation in order to help others make their research more convenient.



The reason why I came up with this blog is to find and research all the necessary materials for the needs of my mom. She is a Pre-diabetic patient and undergone a medical operation for liver abscess and that was the time we found out that she is Pre-diabetic.



I have gone to many research, heard a lot of hear-say and seen a lot of success on how they managed to reverse the pre-diabetic to a healthy person. I will be very happy to share all the knowledge that I have learned and will be researching more proven answers for my blog to help others in their journey.



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Our mission and vision is to share the most and effective research to help diabetic patient


Our blog is a team effort. Team and Guests contribute regularly on issues related to diabetic symptoms, cure and guide. Find it out!


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Charred Rivera
(IT, Blogger, Web Developer and Designer, Graphic Artist, Chef, and Businessman)

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